Attend Appointments

Often support is needed to attend appointments with doctors, dentists, opticians or even to change a library book. However there is no need to worry as Acquire Care Ltd. can arrange for a client to be taken to these important meetings.

It is realised that it can be very distressing for elderly or infirm clients to have appointments outside their homes. They can worry about how to find the right clinic in a large hospital or how they can get to the building where the appointment is to take place.

We can help with making the appointment or confirming it. If no family members are able to accompany the client, then we can arrange for a carer to do this as well. If necessary, the carer can accompany the client into the consultation.

As all our carers are DBS and referenced checked, they are able to help you get out and about, either on public transport or in a car, accompanying you or a loved one where they wish to go.

It is also possible for us to help with appointments in the home. This is usually when utility providers or workmen need to have a scheduled visit to mend or service an item such as a boiler. It is worrying for a client to let an unknown person into their home even if there is an appointment for the work to be done. A carer can be there to help with letting the person in and make sure that the work is done correctly.

Please contact Acquire Care Ltd. to see how we can help with making your life run smoothly.