Overnight sleep-over or waking night

Sometimes help and support is needed at night. Perhaps you feel unhappy being left alone at night or you need help in the night with toileting or need medication at set hours. Whatever the reason, Acquire Care can arrange help for you.

As everyone is different and has different needs, your overnight care will be assessed and agreed in a care plan, similar to a daytime care plan. Tell us what is required and we will do our best to supply the solution to make you have a comfortable night. By giving support when it is needed, your family and loved ones will have the reassurance that you are in safe and capable hands.

The main reasons for having overnight care are:

  • Support with administering medication through the night
  • Assisting with toilet breaks
  • Help with moving in bed, for example, changing positions to prevent bed-sores
  • Help with complex needs
  • Someone on hand if necessary
  • Peace of mind for loved ones

Please contact us so that we can help with your needs. There are different options that are available. The main ones are:

  • Overnight Sleep-over where the carer stays in your home and is there if you need support. They can support you up to two times a night.
  • A Waking Night can be arranged when more care is needed every night. With this, the carer is on duty throughout the night.

By having support from a fully trained carer through the night, you and your family can have a more comfortable and enjoyable sleep.