Help with Learning, Physical and Sensory Disabilities

When caring for someone with learning, physical or a sensory disability, it is essential to understand the challenges faced by that person.

In the first instance, Acquire Care Ltd. realise that the correct support and aid must be given to help meet the specific requirements and needs of the client. A specialised and individual care plan will be completed after discussions with the client and/or their family. Listening carefully to what is required is a big part of helping the client and ensures that the maximum amount of trust between the client and the carer is achieved. It may be that mobility or a medical issue is the main problem or difficulty with communication. Whatever the disability is, our aim is to give our clients a better quality of life. It is also hoped to make them more independent if possible and to give them a sense of satisfaction when their involvement increases. It is intended that our clients’ lives will be enriched.

A safety report of where the client lives will also be completed. Often, by feeling secure and protected in a safe environment, a person’s confidence increases.

Only people trained in the necessary specialised fields will be chosen as carers. Having an in-house training department means that it is known what the carer’s knowledge is and how they received that knowledge. Extra training for our staff is also given when and if needed.