Shopping and Collecting Prescriptions

As people get older, they find it more and more difficult to go shopping. Sometimes there is too much choice and making decisions is too hard. Also their mobility can prevent them to visit the shops.

This can be both distressing and annoying for them, especially if buying food is a necessity. Part of the reason to live at home and to be as independent as possible is to have the option or help to decide which food should be on the menu. There is nothing worse than being presented with a badly cooked meal made with ingredients that the person does not like. Acquire Care Ltd. supports and helps older people to decide which food they wish to eat and also to help them purchase the shopping if wished as well as cooking the food purchased.

Many people forget to eat. Sometimes they cannot cope with the food preparation or find cooking too difficult. Often the easy option is taken of choosing unhealthy snacks, biscuits or chocolates.

Eating healthy food is essential to maintain or improve everyone’s health. Regular, balanced and well-cooked meals are considered to be an important part of the company’s ethos. Sadly, many older people or those who need help to look after themselves are unable to shop or cook the desired foods. This is why we offer a personal shopping service as well as cooking meals.

It is not only with supermarket/food shopping that help can be given. Prescriptions can be collected or letters and parcels posted for example. There are several ways that help can be given with regards to shopping. The carer can accompany the client to the shops and help them do the shopping. This is the best option if possible as it enables the client to be more hands on and also gets them out of the home environment. Another way is that a shopping list can be made and the carer goes alone to the shops.

People can also take advantage of the various home delivery services supplied by large companies. These companies sell a vast array of items including food and clothes as well as household items and can be ordered over the telephone or on the internet. By helping clients to decide and order items, as well as being there when deliveries are made, carers can help make the buying of goods and presents so much easier.