A day with Acquire Care

Working at Acquire Care as a carer can be fulfilling and rewarding.

After a successful interview, with all the necessary checks and references completed and returned with no problems showing, training can begin. Full training is given at the Acquire Care office by our dedicated in-house trainers. There is a fully fitted training room at the office.

After the training course is completed satisfactorily, the next stage is to shadow a carer or a team of carers before starting on your own customer route. Our aim is to send the same staff to each client to ensure continuity of care is provided. However, it must be appreciated that this is not always possible and a change of routine can happen.

With home care, different care plans are written for each individual client so the work each day will be varied and interesting, especially as several clients will be visited each working shift. With home care, the visits can be as short as thirty minutes or last longer than one hour. Occasionally there will be need for two carers to attend the same client at the same time but this depends on the care plan of the client.

Staff must wear their uniforms whenever visiting clients. On their arrival, they must introduce themselves and provide proof of identity if asked. Staff must also not smoke or use mobile phones for personal messages during visits.

A typical day for an Hourly Care Assistant

At the beginning and end of each visit to every Client, the Office is alerted to the time of arrival and departure. All relevant paperwork also has to be completed.

• The first call of the day. Client A needs help to get out of bed, showered and to get dressed. After making breakfast, the house has a tidy up
• On to the next Client who needs help with breakfast and medicines
• Now to see another Client who requires help with cleaning the house and looking after her dog. Breakfast for both is also needed
• The next Client needs medication prompting and assistance with laundry
• Time to look after Client A again as she requires help with lunch
• Off duty
• Time to visit another Client who needs help with shopping and tidying the house. After this, the Client will need a snack and a drink
• Joined by a colleague as the next Client uses a hoist and so this is a two- person visit. It’s time to change the bed-linen, give the Client a bath and a meal. The bed-linen needs to go into the washer/drier
• Back to Client A who has three visits a day. She likes a snack prepared for her to have later on. Medication needs prompting
• Supper needs to be prepared for another Client. He also needs help to change his clothes, medication needs to be checked and he needs to be made comfortable in bed
• Time to go home

A typical day for a Live-In Care Assistant

Live-in carers are provided with a room and meals by the Client. Hours of work are also arranged so that work breaks are official.

In the morning:
• Get up, have breakfast and then start work
• Wake up the Client with a hot drink. Help the Client to get up if wished
• Make breakfast for the Client
• Look after any pets, feed them and/or take for a walk
• Help with any medical requirements
• Help the Client to have a bath/shower and assist with dressing
• Do light cleaning of the house/laundry
• Help the Client in any social activities arranged (shopping, visit friends etc)
• Make and serve lunch

In the afternoon/evening:
• Arranged breaks taken during the afternoon/evening
• Do any household chores that are needed
• Make afternoon tea if required
• Prepare and serve dinner
• Help the Client to wash, complete any personal care necessary and get ready for bed. Help to go to bed
• Close the house down for the night