Food and Meals Preparation

A good diet is important at any age but preparing food and cooking it can be a challenge when we get older. Older people are hesitant to ask friends or relations to cook for them and can eat poorly balanced meals as a result.

Acquire Care can provide assistance or prepare the whole meal required if necessary. Individual dietary needs will be taken into consideration when planning a meal as will different food likes and dislikes. All of our carers have training on food hygiene and preparation so that the Clients will enjoy their meals.

There are several ways that Acquire Care can help with food and meals preparation. These can include:

  • Creating shopping lists
  • Buying ingredients for customers
  • Occasional or all meal preparation
  • Cooking for older people
  • Washing dishes
  • Finding easy meals for older people to prepare

Please contact Acquire Care if you think you or your relative is not eating properly or having problems with preparing meals and needs help. We are here to solve the problem and get everyone enjoying eating healthily and well.

Our Clients benefit from a selection of support services, including domestic help, shopping and companionship. Our carers can be more than cleaners or cooks. Each carer is an excellent listener and can be a shoulder to lean on.