Dementia Care

Many families are arranging for their loved ones who have dementia to enjoy care at home rather than arrange for them to live in a care home.

A change in routine and/or moving home can be very upsetting and daunting to someone living with this condition. Ideally they need to be in their own environment with the people they know.

There are many challenges that dementia and memory loss cause. By eliminating a few of these challenges makes life far easier for those suffering with this. The main thing that Acquire Care ensures is that our Clients are kept safe in their own environment with a planned routine on a regular basis. By maintaining everyday routines, the strains and problems relating to dementia can be reduced.

There are many different stages of dementia so Acquire Care will discuss and arrange a specialised care plan for Clients suffering from dementia. As with all care plans, these are flexible and can be adapted or altered whenever necessary. A safety check of a Client’s house is an essential part of a Client’s care plan. Ensuring that a Client’s safety is priority is essential to Acquire Care’s ethos.

Please contact us, either by email or call us on 01865 601010, to discover more about our dementia care services and the options we can offer.